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Part of me feels like I shouldn’t even be writing this. But then there’s a part of me that says, I still need to say something. While attending the west side food truck rally, I made it a goal to graze on different foods from multiple trucks. It’s those events where I hate to just stick to one truck. I want a little bit of everything. One of those trucks was Coco’s Kitchen. They have long been on my list to try and I finally found a time and place that was convenient for me to give it a go.


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I titled this blog an “incomplete” review because it was so short and brief. As mentioned earlier, we went to a few other trucks that afternoon so my stop to Coco’s Kitchen consisted of just three tacos.

The lady working inside the truck was so pleasant and friendly which led to a great start to my original visit. Knowing I would be sampling other trucks, I had a barbacoa, asada and al pastor taco.

It didn’t take long for the tacos to be delivered. When they arrived, they reminded me of what Taco Fajita puts out. For those unaware, that’s a compliment because Taco Fajita is one of my favorite taco places in town. To make matters even better, they tasted pretty similar. Between the three meats, I couldn’t choose a favorite. It was grilled and seasoned well; each meat had a distinct but intense flavor that was only heightened by the salsas offered. I had both the mild and hot salsa and loved them.

If Coco’s Kitchen was parked out somewhere by themselves, I would have gone back immediately and ordered more tacos. This blog is incomplete because now that I was given a small taste of what they offered, I HAVE to go back to see what other goodness is offered. It’s not fair to really rate a restaurant or food truck on just three tacos but I just did. Usually when I just have a small order, I’ll go back soon and order more food so I can offer a more in depth review of a food truck. But in this case, I had to get the word out quick because the tacos were that good.

Stay tuned. This one deserves another shot soon.

Here’s their menu:

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