The kids visit Mark Arts

One random afternoon, I decided to take a couple of my nieces out for dessert. It’s those times, I let them kind of decide the day as in where we go, what we do, and how much they want to antagonize me.

After we had ice cream for dessert because that’s the only suitable entree to serve as an uncle, we were driving around and one of the kids said, “We should go to Mark AND Arts?”

I about slammed on my brakes because it was one of those things I never thought I’d hear come out of their mouths. I responded, “Do you mean Mark Arts?”.

She then proceeded to tell me how she heard about it and that there were all sorts of cool paintings you could see. My other niece chimed in with her love of art. This was all news to me as I thought they only enjoyed YouTube and collecting worthless cheap plastic toys like L.O.L Surprise that I swear to never spend a dollar on again.

To my delight, it was nice to hear something different they wanted to do. So we headed out to Mark Arts or as they called it Mark And Arts.

When we arrived, they were quick to grab a pamphlet that described what everything was. Oddly enough, they were dressed in dark pants and a white top as if they were attending some art show in France.

They proceeded to prance around the art museum staring at art work and telling each other their thoughts. If it wasn’t the cutest thing I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is. Their discussions centered on what each piece was and what it was trying to represent. I don’t know what influenced them to want to go and have those types of conversations but kudos to whoever or whatever did. There were even moments, they told me they recognized paintings and what it was. I was impressed to say the least.

It was an enjoyable trip and one they’ve been bugging me to take them to again. After they did some research, they found out there were workshops and kids classes available so now that’s on their bucket list of things to do.

Overall a great spontaneous spur of the moment time and something a little different from the norm of trampoline parks, arcades, and ice cream trips around Wichita for us.

1307 N Rock Rd
Wichita, KS 67206

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Closed on Sunday


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  1. Christine Smith

    What were the prices at Mark Arts? I live nearby and have been wanting to go, but not wanting to spend an arm and a leg if my kids weren’t into it. Thanks!

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