Voting for the Most Liked Pizza’s El-Eat 8 begins Sunday!

The El-Eat 8 has been set thanks to your votes in the “Most Liked Pizza” bracket.

It was an interesting vote where we saw all of the 1 and 3 seeds advanced. Every two seed Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria, AJ’s Sports Grill, Il Vicino and Pizza John’s were all eliminated in the Savory16. Once again it brought on a lot of comments and criticism but in the end, its the social media voters who determine the result.

Our El-Eat 8 consists of pizzas from all over the city and the surrounding area.

There is Ziggy’s Pizza with three locations. Knolla’s Pizza leads the pack with four locations. Bob & Luigi’s has two locations that are opened separately but still work together on matters. Wichita Brewing Company and Picasso’s Pizzeria have two locations. Angelo’s Italian Restaurant and Oak & Pie have one location. I should also clarify that Gambino’s Original (sometimes referred to as Gambino’s Pizza) is separately and locally owned out of Colwich. It’s operated apart from the other Gambino’s.

Another clarification from the last round is there was lots of confusion with people regarding Pizza John’s. They are not Papa John’s. Pizza John’s is an entirely different pizza restaurant which you can read about here.

The voting for the El-Eat 8 begins next week! You will find a poll featuring one restaurant matchup on the Wichita By E.B. Facebook page to vote for your favorite. I had some questions on how to vote. You simply click (of if you’re on your phone touch) the picture of the place you want to vote for.

REMEMBER, the results of this post don’t necessarily mean they are the best pizza but more of which place has the most online support thus Most Liked. So if your favorite place doesn’t win, please cry to your parents….. not me. This all comes down to social media support on Facebook. I’ve heard of restaurants texting, emailing, messaging their customers to vote for them. That’s all fine to me and makes me smile that restaurants are paying attention. In the end, this is all for a little competitive fun and introducing people to some new pizza places they’ve never heard of. And just like the previous bracket, I will not be voting in any bracket. This will be left strictly to the general audience. In the case of a tie though, I will vote but that is highly unlikely.

I do have ONE REQUEST. When you vote, ask yourself if you’re voting for what you truly feel is the BEST PIZZA or if you’re just voting to support said place based on other reasons. Obviously there is no way to regulate it but I just wanted to throw that out there.

So with that said, here’s the updated bracket.

May the best pizza win.

Happy Dining,

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