Dairy Queen’s has a limited-time Sour Patch Kids flavored Blizzard

When the family wants to make a stop by Dairy Queen, it’s not often I order a Blizzard. But I made a quick mental pivot when I saw the following sign:

I guess Dairy Queen has a Blizzard of the month and for July it’s Sour Patch Kids.

The new dessert features Sour Patch Kids Bitz blended with Sour Patch Kids Redberry flavored soft serve. For those wondering, the candy pieces are not coated in sugar like the Sour Patch candies you get at the store. They are small tiny little bits mixed in.

Most people probably think of vanilla and chocolate flavors with Blizzards but DQ changed it up with this sweet and sour candy version. A sour Blizzard? Does that even make sense?

Well I gave it a try not just once but twice because I loved every second of it.

It had a strong cherry flavor that any cherry fan would love and the Sour Patch candies mixed in were so small and easy to chew. It was fruity and tart with a very minor sour aftertaste that rarely hit you unless you happened to get a lot of little Sour Patch bits. It had a stretchy gummy-like texture that actually retained it’s cooler temperature longer than a regular Blizzard. I was a big fan.

This one is available until the end of the month.

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