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The Ostomy Guy Podcast

(L to R) Austin Powers, Ben Powers


Austin Powers

Austin grew up, was schooled and trained, and has been running an insurance and investment practice since 2006 here in Wichita. He is married to his wife April who raises their 4 children. Highly active in the community and at his local Catholic parish, Austin has and continues to serve on several local non-profit boards and advisory committees. He has been public speaking all over Wichita on both his battle with Crohn’s and his spiritual journey through it all. All of this despite having severe Crohn’s and Colitis since he was 10 years old, he’s not unique, in his mind. He’s one of many people living with a major illness or injury that have great stories to share.

(L to R) Mark Potter, Austin Powers

Inspired simply by the people Austin has met since his journey began, he started The Ostomy Guy podcast to allow everyone the opportunity to meet these amazing people and how they do it via a candid conversation that will be both enlightening and empowering.  He describes his house as having a revolving door, where so many people who are battling something severe in their life are always welcome and come to visit. The one thing that everyone seems to be looking for is companionship and hope which always comes from realizing they aren’t suffering alone. Austin interviews people who he calls, “Silent Soldiers”, trying to get to the bottom of what life is really like and not just the niceties that hardly skim the surface. The guests are often but not always well known and rocking out in their world regardless of their illness or disability. Guests have included; Mark Potter (Depression), Carl Hall (Quadraplegic from car accident), Cat Taylor (Lupus), Pat Williams (Multiple Myeloma), Jared Estes (Car accident burn victim), and Temple Grandin (Autism).

In 2006, my Crohn’s disease took a dramatic turn where I had several surgeries that didn’t work and resulted in a permanent colostomy being installed.  The surgery resulted in a major infection that almost took my life. I refused to accept this new reality which led me down a lonely path that resulted in an emotional rock-bottom. Without the help of those around me and the inspiration of so many who have dealt with something similar I wouldn’t of made it. But spent basically my entire life denying even being sick. Not just me but my family especially didn’t really even know what I was dealing with and didn’t know how to help because I didn’t talk about it.  This podcast is to be an avenue for family and friends to be able to tap in to the world of your loved ones to understand what they’re dealing with and how they see themselves and their illness. But more than that it is an opportunity to see reality at its finest and those who live it well.

(L to R) Carl Hall, Austin Powers

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