Newest menu creation at VietNom Nom is a big win for taste buds

There’s something new up VietNom Nom’s sleeves this weekend.

We were able to try the new menu creation this week which will be available starting Friday at 5pm. It’s The ANomaly Burger.

It’s made with 80/20 Organic pork patty over brioche buns, sauteed onions & jalapenos, cucumbers, pickled veggies, and garlic aioli. Fries are added on as a side and accompanied by their signature VietNom Nom sauce.

After trying it, I have to admit it’s probably one of my favorite item on the menu. My girlfriend agreed. The pork was very lean, juicy and tender; only made better by the pickled veggies and sauteed onions. Between all that and the brioche bun, it had a great flavor profile. It’s one of those burgers, you don’t want to scarf down; really take your time eating and enjoying it all. The fries were nice and crispy but you have to make sure you dip the fries in their sauce. It’s sweet but brings some heat. As a huge condiment fan, I would definitely purchase a bottle of that sauce if it were available.

In our opinion, it was a great burger that would really appeal to all audiences.

8641 W 13th St N Suite 103
Wichita, KS 67212

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 8pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

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