Reviewing Wichita’s newest fast food spot: Krispy Krunchy Chicken

Edit: Please do not confuse this place with Krispy’s Fried Chicken & Seafood on south Hillside. They are two different restaurants owned by two different people.

There’s a new chain that has arrived in Wichita called Krispy Krunchy Chicken. It’s a Cajun-style chicken chain that opened their first one on north Broadway. If all goes well, they hope to open more in town.

1302 N Broadway Ave
Wichita, KS 67214

Monday – Saturday: 10:30am – 10pm
Sunday: 10:30am – 9pm


Cash/Card Accepted

I originally stopped by the second week they opened and left immediately because I couldn’t stand the smell inside. On my second visit, the smell was not as bold but still not great for ambiance; dirty tables didn’t help either. Regardless I made my order and still dined in.

While ordering, I asked the cashier to just give me what was popular. That resulted in my order consisting of a three piece meal, chicken wings, jambalaya and boudin bites which were fried balls of rice and pork. They were completely out of wings so they gave me two drumsticks and a thigh.

Everything in my order was sitting out already but for some reason it still took a while to get my order. I remember just standing there thinking, “it’d almost be faster if this was self-serve”. Not sure what took so long either given the amount of employees standing inside.

Once I got my food and dug in, the taste and texture almost reminded me of a KFC. The chicken was all very meaty but didn’t have much seasoning to me. The chicken was overly fried which left me asking for a to-go container for most of it. Seriously the picture looks like it was taken by the FaceApp old person filter.

I had the Cajun sweet & sour wings at the cashier’s recommendation and they were VERY sweet; way too sweet for a wing in my opinion. At five for $5.49, they were awfully small and not a great value.

The jambalaya wasn’t anything special either. It resembled the microwave rice bags that you can pop in for 90 seconds. And the boudin bites were very dry.

Between that and the slow service, smell of the building and dirty tables, it’s safe to say I was not impressed.

Here’s their menu:

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2 thoughts on “Reviewing Wichita’s newest fast food spot: Krispy Krunchy Chicken”

  1. my visit to KRIPSY KRUNCHY CHICKEN (not to be confused w/ Krispy’s ckn) SUCKED!!
    In the drive-thru there’s signs promoting their special of 8pc family meal for $14.99. No customers were in the drive thru NOR inside. So, I chose to use the D/T. I ordered the 8pc special for $14.99 that came w/ 2 small sides and 4 biscuits. I added 2 large cokes to the order to which the guy says my total is $16.62. I get to the window, and have to give my order AGAIN to which i get a completely different price which is now, $21.78. so after debating w. the man at the window i just paid what he asked and was told to pull around to the front and someone would bring my order out to me. I asked for my drinks before pulling around, was told they would be brought out to me. So here i am being parked to wait for food at a Krispy Krunchy place when there is NO CUSTOMERS INSIDE OR OUT except ME. so i pull around as instructed 27 minutes later, i pull back around and to the D/T window to where i sit for another 12 minutes before someone comes to the window and says: it will be 10 more minutes as we had to cook the ckn fresh. so at this point it ihas been 39 minutes since i placed the order the 2nd time at the window. Before i cna reply to the guy, he shuts the window. then someone finally brings ONLY 1 large drink out to my car and says the other one is on the way. it was another 4 minutes for the 2nd drink to come out, it was also supposed to be a large but it was a medium. i didnt say anything cause i just wanted my food and to go. I asked where my food was , and again was told the ckn was cooking. I tell the guy not to overcook it, i dont want any burned up chicken. he laughs n walks back into the building. another 14 minutes and finally the food comes out to me . Total wait time from order to reciving my order was 1hour and 2 minutes for 8 pcs of ckn, 2 tiny sides and 4 biscuts. i get home and open the chicken box to find BURNED TO THE CRISP chicken and blackened biscuits. needless to say i am LIVID.

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