Slushy Hut – Summer Snow shaved ice revisited

Summer time is in full effect with tons of humidity, sunshine and (this year) tons of rain. But that doesn’t mean we have to stay indoors. Whether you call it Slushy Hut or Summer Snow, those people in Andover know exactly what you’re talking about. They are the popular shaved ice spot in the community and we stopped back by to give them a visit.

Andover Square @ Central and Andover Rd

Monday – Friday: 1pm – 8pm
Saturday: 1pm – 7pm
Sunday: 1:30pm – 5:30pm

Cash Only

Not much has changed there since we originally reviewed them four years ago.

They still have over 110 flavors, there is still cream toppings, vanilla ice cream add-ins and more. The prices haven’t changed either.
Small: 12 oz. flat top, $1.50
Regular: 12 oz, $2.00
Large: 16 oz., $2.50
Extra Flavor or syrup: .25
Cream topping: .25

They still have some of the best prices in town for shaved ice. It’s a big favorite for my family and while out in Andover, I knew I had to take them out for a cool tasty treat.

Like any other shaved ice spot, the amount of options can be overwhelming for the kids. Fortunately they are a little older than they were four years ago and can read so what originally took five hours to order was now condensed to a few minutes. I also learned my lesson and avoided getting larges because for as slow as they eat, a large would mostly be just syrup and water.

They ordered a variety of different flavors and enjoyed them all. In their own words, the kids felt the ice was very “fluffy” and “delightful”. One of them even went as far to say as “this is the best shaved ice I’ve ever had”.

The ladies working behind the counter were all extremely nice as well. They start to know their customers too which is a huge plus and makes the kids feel more welcome.

From an adult standpoint, it’s a convenient little area especially if you live in Andover. There are benches available if you plan to stay there and eat. It wasn’t slow at all and I loved how they interacted with the kids. It’s relatively affordable too. Rolled ice cream, nitrogen-based ice creams, dessert shops can really add up and get costly so spending a couple bucks on treats the kids love is nice.

It’s a great little niche for the Andover community and a shaved ice stand that can draw big crowds on the weeknights and weekends…. and for good reason. Since I have some family that lives in Andover, it’s probably a stop I’ll be making more this summer.

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