Snoasis Shaved Ice Review

It’s the season for shaved ice and we made another stop out to Snoasis Shaved Ice. They are just one of many little shaved ice trucks around town you can see at many of the events. I’ve seen them out east, at Pizza Fest, at the Derby Rib Fest and more.


Cash/Card Accepted

The prices run pretty similar to what you’ll see around town. They charge $3 for a big cup of shaved ice, $5 for sno shakes which we didn’t try and $5 for dole whips.

They have a ton of preset combinations to choose from. We have found that’s the best way to go instead of trying to create your own. 1.) It takes too much thought and 2.) Kids will take seven hours to choose.

Each cup is filled with a mountain top of ice. It’s your typical shaved ice type of ice but not overly rock hard like what you find at the zoo. There was plenty of syrup to go around in each shaved ice up.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed it but what kid wouldn’t?

What more else is there to say? It’s a cheap affordable treat for the kids and as long as they are happy, I’m happy.

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