Tad's Carryout

It’s been many years since a restaurant has parked itself inside the former House of Majestic Eating spot on north Hillside. But one gentleman took the challenge and opened up Tad’s Carryout in the tiny little building not too far north of 21st and Hillside. The restaurant opened just a few weeks ago and specializes in your typical comfort/soul food options like fried pork chops, burgers, wings, catfish, etc.

2545 N Hillside St
Wichita, Kansas 67219

Open Daily: 11am – 8pm
But call first to confirm

Cash Only

I stopped by recently over lunch. When I arrived there was a sign saying he would be back. So if you ever go, you will definitely want to call in your order. The menu is included at the bottom of this blog for reference.

A friend popped into the restaurant with his girlfriend on my visit. It was the most random of run-ins but great for additional input.

We ended up ordering the fried porkchop, burger, catfish, wings, and fried shrimp. Having been to similar style of restaurants, Tad’s Carryout was much quicker than the others. Based on past experiences, I was expecting a 30-45 minute wait on food but that wasn’t the case.

I snapped some of the pictures of the food:

Tad's Carryout

Tad's Carryout Tad's Carryout

My friend and his girlfriend both enjoyed the burger and the fried porkchop. He really enjoyed it and said he’d go back soon. I wish I would have snapped a picture of the burger as it looked really juicy.

The catfish was lightly breaded just the way I like it. It was a good size piece of fish with my only complaint being the seasoning. It could have used a little more pepper, salt, or something to give it more bite. The shrimp was surprisingly good. I could tell it was probably just your basic baby shrimp fried up but I loved the simplicity of it. Each little piece wasn’t overly breaded which Tad’s seemed to have the process nailed down. As for the wings, the meat was a little dry and the fries were very soggy. Perhaps it was due to the travel time back to work but I’m not sure the short drive I had was enough to cause them to be that way.

Either way there were more hits than misses at Tad’s Carryout. Just due to the nature of the business and especially the location, I’m not sure if they have what it takes to make it for the long haul. Lack of marketing/word-of-mouth, no online presence, and the lack of traffic to this area of town is a hard combination to overcome. I want them to succeed, help me make that happen.

Also thanks to reader, C.L. Lomie, for the heads up on this opening.

Here’s their menu.

Happy Dining,

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