The Breadbasket German buffet is köstlich (which means delicious)!


While traveling back to Wichita, we decided to make a quick pit stop to The Breadbasket in Newton, KS which has been open since 1984. It’s been one of the more highly recommended restaurants for me to stop by outside of Wichita.

Going into it, I didn’t do too much research besides checking online to make sure they were open. When we arrived, it just happened to be time for their weekend German buffet which I was unaware of.

219 N Main St
Newton, Kansas 67114-3442

Monday – Thursday: 6:30am – 5:30pm
Friday – Saturday: 6:30am – 8pm
Sunday: 10:30am – 2pm


Cash/Card Accepted

The Breadbasket was bigger than expected. They had multiple dining rooms in the front and back of the building which offered plenty of seating.

Shelves and cases lined the walls in the checkout area that displayed their breads, pies, apple butter, and other baked goods.

The German buffet is available only on Friday and Saturday from 4pm – 8pm. The all-you-can-eat buffet includes a drink and the dessert table too. Pricing is as follows:

  • Adults: $13.99
  • Seniors 60+: $12.99
  • Children (7-13): $9.99
  • Children (0-6): $.01

So for $14, I was able to get the buffet for myself and my three-week old daughter.

The buffet line included verenika with ham gravy, Yoder German sausage, chicken borscht, green bean soup, German chocolate cake, zwieback with homemade apple butter, fried potatoes, sauerkraut and sausage, tapioca pudding, and so much more. I’m half-German so this was a great way to embrace part of my heritage I don’t often get to dine on.

Everything was delicious. I had multiple helpings of verenika with ham gravy. The pasta dumplings were great but with the ham gravy poured over the top, it was taken to a whole new level. I ate an unhealthy amount of their apple butter spread over the different styles of bread offered.

I love sauerkraut so to mix that all up with their horseradish and mustard on top of the sausage and fried potatoes made for a big blast of flavors that left me wanting more. I pigged out so much that I could feel myself either a.) needing a nap or b.) wanting to eat more to the point I got sick. I went for option b.

I did my best to make room for their dessert. Once again, they delivered on all accounts. While I’m not a big fan of raisins, the bread pudding was still great especially since it was served warm and fresh.

I placed the bowl up against Emery and the sweet aroma put her in a comfortable trance that made for a quiet easy ride back to Wichita. I could her her smacking her lips which possibly meant delicious food dreams for my future food blogger.

Overall, we had an excellent time at The Breadbasket. The staff did a tremendous job on filling up the buffet station. No refills were needed since it was all self-serve. The people there were very nice. Just a great time and worth anybody’s time if they happen to find themselves in Newton, KS.

Lastly, the buffet was really only $13.99, not $14. They did not charge the $.01 for her but I would have gladly paid the penny since it made for the easiest drive back for her.

Happy Dining,

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