The re-opened Ninza Sushi Bar review

Bad news hit the restaurant community when a fire caused Ninza Sushi Bar to close down. A lot has happened since then. They took over Blue Fin Sake Bar & Sushi in downtown and have made a comeback from the fire with re-opening their west side Ninza Sushi Bar location. I remember originally going and was excited to check out the new digs.

8428 W 13th St. N. Suite 100
Wichita, Kansas 67212

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 9pm
Friday: 11am – 10pm
Saturday: 12pm – 10pm
Sunday: 12pm – 9pm


Cash/Card Accepted

I loved the new setup. It was very sleek and modern but that’s all I’ll say there as I’m no architectural or interior design guru.

The service was quick there from drinks to ordering so that was a huge positive. We ordered three items:

  • Salmon sashimi
  • Angel Roll: tuna, salmon, albacore, avocado, crab with cucumber wrapped
  • Fired Dragon Roll: spicy tuna, cream cheese, avocado, baked red snapper

First off instead of showing a picture of the Fired Dragon Roll, here’s a video of how it was served.

Visually, it had a great presentation that caught a lot of eyes as it was being delivered.

All of our rolls came out in a very timely manner which was great considering sushi can sometimes take a while especially if there’s just one chef behind the table as was the case on our visit.

Simply put, everything was fantastic. It’s not often I order cucumber wrapped rolls but it was a great break away from the traditional rolls. The cucumber added a nice much needed texture to the rest of the fish inside. The mix of tuna, salmon, albacore, avocado, and crab all had great balance with no single fish overpowering the other. The sashimi had phenomenal flavor; each slice was of good size and very fresh. There’s certainly a difference in good and bad sashimi. You can tell it right away. Ninza’s was excellent. Each little piece of salmon just melted in my mouth.

My girlfriend really enjoyed her Fired Dragon Roll. She was not expecting it to be as soft was it was but loved the flavor. It came with spicy tuna and she’s a little more adverse to spicy foods but this was spot on for her palate.

Ninza Sushi Bar did not miss a beat. It’s great to see them back and west-siders should be very happy to have another quality sushi restaurant in their neck of the woods.

Here’s their menu:

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