Trying out the limited-time KFC Cheetos chicken sandwich

My brother gave me a heads up about the KFC Cheetos chicken sandwich and I was all in. The new promotion kicked off July 1 and it was on my calendar to try.

While I definitely support local, I’m such a huge sucker for gimmick food from fast food restaurants. 

The new limited-time KFC Cheetos Sandwich is made by coating the hand-breaded Extra Crispy Chicken Filet with their signature Cheetos sauce and topping the toasted bun with mayo and an extra layer of Cheetos. It cost $4.79 for just the sandwich. Here’s what the news outlets reported as their final version in their reviews.

Here’s what I received:

Definitely less “radioactive looking” than I imagined. Mine was severely lacking the signature Cheetos sauce which made it more dry than it should have been. This was another one of those, pictures look amazing but what you get is a shittier version that is about 20% of what it’s supposed to look like. Oh well, we still gave it a go.

With a shortage of the sauce, it was really just a chicken sandwich with Cheetos packed in between the buns and some mayo sauce. My girlfriend and I tried it and if you can get over the texture, it really wasn’t half-bad. The chicken fortunately was cooked well and you can’t mess up Cheetos. It probably would have been better with the Cheetos sauce but the fast food gods were not in our favor that day.

It was definitely a better concoction than past attempts by KFC but not one of those mash-ups you just have to try immediately. Cheetos in food is nothing new and I prefer the hot Cheetos variety in my burritos. Now THAT is good! If you give it a try, make sure to ask for extra sauce.

Until the next crazy gimmick idea comes, I’ll anxiously be sitting here waiting.

Happy Dining,

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