Wichita down one chicken restaurant

Cowboy Chicken

The Barbe-Q-Pit wasn’t just the only restaurant to close last week. It appears that Cowboy Chicken at 3130 N. Rock Road also closed over the weekend.

Looks like they were one of the first chicken restaurants that opened in 2018 during a big chicken frenzy that didn’t make it. Having opened in June of last year, I’m not sure what led them to close but if I had to guess it was lack of food.

I had multiple friends go on multiple occasions only to find out that Cowboy Chicken had ran out of chicken. What kind of chicken restaurant runs out of chicken? The first couple times, I thought it might be a fluke but this would happen on several other trips.

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  1. We have eaten at Cowboy Chicken several times….and each time was a great experience. The chicken was moist, tender, and delicious. We were never told that they were out of anything. I even picked up carry out there a couple of times on the way home from work. It was a favorite of mine…I am sad to see that it closed.

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