Wichita’s only Puerto Rican food truck has closed

Antojitos Criollos - Caribbean Cuisine

It’s a double-edged sword. Some diners want more variety in the type of food in Wichita. But when something brand new comes along that a majority of diners have never had before or aren’t familiar with, it’ll either be the next big thing or end in a short amount of time. The latter happened here.

Antojitos Criollos arrived in Wichita last year. They prided themselves on being the first Caribbean cuisine truck with food native to Puerto Rico. They had everything from tostones to mofongo on the menu. You can check out my old review here. But they just couldn’t pick up enough steam over those months.

It appears that the truck has closed down after less than a year of operating. I spoke to the owner and he decided to sell his food truck and close down shop.

Anybody want to start up a Puerto Rican truck?

Antojitos Criollos - Caribbean Cuisine

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