Checking out Hibachi Boy: Japanese Grill & More

My travels around Derby continued on with a visit to Hibachi Boy. This restaurant specializes in Pan-Asian favorites and a majority of Japanese dishes. There used to be a location in Wichita many years ago that has since closed down.

1220 S Rock Road
Derby, KS 67037

Open Daily: 11am – 9pm

Cash/Card Accepted

The best way to describe their menu is quick service hibachi meals that include noodle dishes, teriyaki bowls, fried rice, and sushi. Hibachi Boy also has a full bar and has delivery as well. Inside it’s like an upscale Emperor’s Grill with sushi and liquor.

For our visit, we went with carryout. We ordered the pad thai, hibachi chicken and a spicy salmon roll. They quoted us 15 minutes and everything was ready to go when we arrived. We headed straight home and were ready to grub.

The spicy salmon roll was very simple and decent for what it was. For $4.95, I was very satisfied with it. The salmon had a nice bit of heat to it and didn’t taste like the grocery store style of salmon you find at Dillon’s. I was expecting “fast food sushi” but was pleasantly surprised with Hibachi Boy. At that price, I would order it again and again.

After that, it all went downhill. It was not a long drive home. I’ve had carryout plenty of times and considering Hibachi Boy delivers, I was quite shocked to see our dishes.

The pad Thai should have been called sad Thai because it looked utterly depressing and dry. To make matters worse, it tasted just as it looked. I turned to my girlfriend and said, I can’t do it anymore. It was so dry and bland, I just put the rest of it away and drank water. I’ve never had a few bites of pad Thai and stopped but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Seriously, you can touch your screen right now and feel how dry my dish was.

While the hibachi chicken wasn’t as dry, my girlfriend wasn’t impressed with it. There wasn’t much going on with the noodles and rice in terms of seasoning, butter or anything. The chicken was similar and really could have used some sort of sauce to go with it. Just a meh kind of meal for her that left her really desiring something else.

Price-wise, they are very competitive and affordable. The staff was nice on my arrival to pick up and had no complaints outside of our main two dishes.

On to the next restaurant in my ongoing Derby tour.

Here’s their menu:

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