First Look at Gladspoon: Wichita’s newest cookie dough & ice cream shop

If you love what Milkfloat has done, you have to check out their newest business venture out in west Wichita. Gladspoon recently opened in the strip center across from Target & Lowe’s on Maple. They are a dessert shop that specializes in raw cookie dough, ice cream, milkshakes and sodas.

7330 W Maple St
Wichita, Kansas 67209

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Walking inside, you’ll find it a little whimsical.

There were a handful of different cookie dough, cookies and ice creams to choose from.

If you’re green, you’ll love the fact they don’t use disposable spoons to taste test with and they have compostable spoons for your treats when you order.

My friends and I all stopped over the weekend and ordered a little bit of everything. We had cookie dough flights, ice cream, shakes, and a doughp’wich (which was a cookie sandwich with cookie dough inbetween). Take a look at all this sugar.

The kids ate it all up with no problem. From the brownies to the cookies to the cookie dough itself, there were zero complaints. They loved every second of it. My girlfriend enjoyed her milkshake made with mountain huckleberry ice cream. It was tart and a flavor rarely seen around town. I opted for their strawberry ice cream which was light and refreshing.

Regarding the cookie dough, there were mixed feelings. You have to REALLY love cookie dough to get the amount we all did. It’s really rich and thick. The majority of us felt maybe a scoop or two at most shared with another person was probably the limit; not the eight or so scoops we decided to get. A friend had the cookie sandwich with cookie dough in between and that was too much for him. Most of us don’t eat cookie dough too often so perhaps we aren’t the best judge of it. It’s not necessarily our thing.

In the end, the kids enjoyed it the most so that’d be the deciding factor for our return. That or sticking to something lighter like their ice cream. From a service standpoint, everybody there was all smiles and full of joy as their motto suggest. The moment we walked in, they was serendipity in the air.

If cookie dough is your thing though, perhaps this is a place that’d be right up your alley. In the end though, don’t let this review be your reason for going or not going, check it out and form your opinion on what you think.

Here’s their menu.

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