Get Your Dave & Busters Power Cards ready September 30

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Dave & Buster’s was planning on opening near the end of September.

Looks like we have a date to reveal. September 30.

That’s the target date that Dave & Buster’s is planning on opening doors to the public. It could always take place before or after that but that’s the date my sources have told me. Located at the Greenwich Place development at K-96 and Greenwich, the 30,000 square feet complex has been a hot topic for many people looking for more to do in Wichita. It’ll have a full bar, menu and of course all the arcade games your kids will want to spend hours sliding their power cards in.

While there’s a segment of people upset it’s opening in northeast Wichita, you can’t win over everybody. I, for one, am excited.

Rest assured, we will have a first look at the new Dave & Buster’s within a month’s time. I have family lined up and anxiously awaiting to join in this review.

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