Kookaburra Coffee Mobile Trailer Review

I’ve been to the brick & mortar location of Kookaburra Coffee and randomly saw their trailer out one afternoon. I was with my family that day and we figured why not try their mobile trailer for a quick review!


Cash/Card Accepted

When we arrived, a nice gentleman was handling the orders and through out all sorts of recommendations to us.

I hate to say this but after drinking earlier that day, I have no idea what we got. But I did manage to get some pictures of half our order. I think they said part of it was a Pina colada smoothie and a cold brew, but I could be totally off. Perhaps I’ll email them to see what these pictures are.

Here’s what I do know, Megan and the kids loved what they had. So much, one of them went back for a second order.

I just really wish I knew what everything was as it kind of makes this review a little incomplete. So instead of me rambling on, I’ll end it with this.

“Everybody wants to go back to their brick & mortar location to get more.”

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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