Off the Wheaten Path: A gluten-free and dairy-free food truck

A new food truck recently opened this summer called Off the Wheaten Path. What sets them apart from many other trucks is that their entire menu is gluten-free and dairy-free. They cater to people with food allergies with hopes of offering something delicious.


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Looking at their Facebook page, they were promoted their fried chicken. I’ve never had gluten-free fried chicken before so that was an obvious go along with their fresh cucumber salad and a side of fries.

It’s rare to find comfort foods in town that are gluten-free especially on the fried side. While it’s not a food allergy of mine and I have zero experience with gluten-free fried chicken, I’m always open to trying different things.

The food didn’t take long. My platter consisted of three chicken planks, french fries and some dipping sauce that had the texture of a sriracha mayo of some sort. I’m not sure exactly what it was besides the fact that it was delicious. The platter cost $6 and I added the cucumber salad for $2. At $6 for the platter, that was definitely on the cheaper end of your typical food truck pricing.

The chicken planks had the appearance of those fried chicken tenders you’d get at Long John Silvers. I don’t say that as a knock, just visually the breading was more smooth and not your crumbly breading you see at many fried chicken restaurants. Besides LJS is a guilty pleasure of mine so that’s good.

The crinkle cut fries were thick and well-seasoned; only to be made better by the sauce. I really enjoyed the breading on the chicken planks. It was very light and with a minor touch of saltiness to it. The chicken itself wasn’t exactly juicy and tender but it was still flavorful. Anytime I eat gluten-free foods, I have no idea what to expect since my knowledge on it is so minimal. But for the most part, I liked what I had and found it to be a great value for $6. I think anybody would actually enjoy it especially at a food truck event. And the cucumber salad was wonderful.

Lastly, this truck gets bonus points for a clever name.

Here’s the menu they had on my visit:

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