The Most Depressing Place in Wichita cancels the West Side Food Truck Rally

If you had plans to go to the West Side Food Truck Rally at Town West Square, it’s time to change you plans.

Adam Bussey, who helps organize the food truck rally, notified everybody today on Facebook the event had been canceled by the new owners of Towne West Square. He posted the following:

The new owner of town west has decided to cancel the west side food truck rally being held at town west square.

I found this out at 3 PM yesterday afternoon after a week of trying to reach someone with town west. I was told that the event was canceled last week but the person that was supposed to let me know was either let go or quit.

I had been reassured by employees of town west after the acquisition that the new owner wanted to continue the rally and everything was fine. This is not the case. So with 4 days notice 20 plus business have to scramble to fill their schedule. This event brought a lot if people to a failing mall. This is apparently not what the new owner wants. So someone in New York that probably has never even been to our community has negatively effected 20 plus small businesses and the community that was coming out to support a part of Wichita history (town west).

I am currently looking for a west side location to hold future west side food truck rallies. I/we appreciate all of the local support that this community always shows local businesses especially food trucks.

It’s disturbing news for what I call the most depressing place in Wichita because yes, it’s sad to see all the closings and empty stores inside there. The additional foot traffic from a rally couldn’t hurt but I guess they don’t feel it’s necessary or needed. I suppose the new owner has different plans for the future and the food trucks will not be a part of it.

They are now scrambling to find a new location in time for Sunday. If they do, I’ll let you all know.

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2 thoughts on “The Most Depressing Place in Wichita cancels the West Side Food Truck Rally”

  1. Heather Alcaraz

    There’s a huge carshow and pin up contest in Haysville this weekend! Bring them down here! Post it all over! Let’s make the best of it! “Food trucks in the Historic District”

  2. Heather Alcaraz

    And it’s the city wide garage sale in Haysville this weekend! EVERYBODY is out and about here this weekend!

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