Wok Hei Noodle House Review

A new food truck has made its way from Dexter, KS to Wichita. You’ll likely see their presence more often now. It’s Wok Hei Noodle House. They are a food truck that specialists in stir-fry dishes.


Cash/Card Accepted

At Wok Hei Noodle House, you can get dishes made with either rice or noodles mixed with carrots, broccoli, peas, onions, ginger and garlic. There’s also an option to get a mix of rice and noodles if you can’t choose.

The dishes are served in Chinese take-out boxes and cost $7. You also have the option of adding diced marinated chicken breast for $3.

On my visit, I ordered a mix of the noodles and rice. I saw they had orange chicken available and asked for a side of that which cost $5. I could have had it in my take-out box for $3 but felt it would have been an extremely small portion given the size of the box.

I wish I would have taken a picture of the size of the box. Don’t quote me on it (and I’ll correct if I’m wrong) but I want to say it was a pint sized container. Regardless whatever it was, it wasn’t the biggest portion of food if you’re caught up on things like that….. not for $7 at least.

Regarding the noodles and rice, they were both good. Good as far as stir-fry goes. They weren’t super garlicky or soaked in ginger. I had a similar sentiment with by plate of orange chicken. There were probably a dozen or so good sized chunks in there. As a carnivore, I certainly needed some additional meat to go along with the rice and noodles.

While the meal was good, it also wasn’t anything special or unique. It felt like pretty standard Chinese food but at a food truck with a price hike. I get a food truck can’t charge the same as a restaurant and don’t mind paying extra for food. But at the same time if I do pay more, I want to walk away saying to myself, “Damn, that was some really really good food!”

I was satisfied with my visit but I also wasn’t overly impressed to the point I’d want to spend another $12 on a meal there.

Would I go again? It’d all have to be out of convenience. For example if I was at the Pop-Up Park and no other truck appealed to me, I’d consider ordering from them again.

Here’s their menu:

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