Big, cheap, and delicious breakfast burritos in the least likely of places

I love getting delicious tips on where to go from people. The latest came from my friend and barber who’s been pushing me to go to Juarez Bakery. He suggested their burritos that are only available in the morning until they sell out.

It’s a place I would have never thought of going for “breakfast”. When I stopped by, they had a little container with their breakfast and regular burritos. They had four options available: chicken, chicharrons, eggs and bean & cheese. The type of burritos can vary day to day but usually those are the options available.

I picked up every one but the bean & cheese. Prices were $2.50 if they included meat and just $2 for the meatless option. That’s cheap! One would usually expect something small for that price but nope, they were good sized.

Better yet, the burritos were amazing! My favorite of the three was the chicharron which had a little chile verde inside to give it a nice kick of heat to wake me up. It was stuffed with plenty chunks of pork that made me skip lunch. One was filling. Two was overkill. Three was “mommy my stomach hurts, can you come pick me up and take me home!” Was it worth it though? Certainly!

Each burrito was stuffed with plenty of meat and I committed the sin of gluttony all morning with zero remorse. They were so delicious, especially the chicharron. At $2.50 for one, I would have been more than satisfied with just that one.

These were purchased at the south Seneca location but are also available at the Waco spot. I was told the burritos are available every morning except for Sunday. They only make a limited quantity so sometimes they can sell out quick. I called their Waco location out of the blue and they were already sold out a few hours after I purchased mine from the Seneca store.

So it’s literally get them while they’re hot!

2209 S Seneca St
Wichita, KS 67213

1068 N Waco Ave
Wichita, KS 67203

Open Daily: 7am – 9pm


Cash/Card Accepted

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