Jersey Mikes confirms Wichita location on their webpage

There have been rumblings of Jersey Mike’s coming to Wichita.

Well if you check out Jersey Mike’s list of upcoming locations on their webpage, you’ll notice that Wichita has been added.

The location page list 2564 North Greenwich in the same strip as Eat Fit Go which is near Academy Sports. While it says coming soon, my guess would be by the end of the year if not start of 2020.

I’ve reached out to Jersey Mike’s to confirm but I’m guessing they looked at an email from “wichitabyeb” and said to themselves, “Who is this hack?” and deleted the email. I mean, I would too. 

Regardless I’m super stoked. I had it for my first time earlier this year in Oklahoma and loved every second of it.

Stay tuned for more.

Happy Dining,

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