Trying out the Chino-Latino local fusion of Funky Monkey Munchies

When it comes to food, I don’t believe dishes have to be created a set way. I love the world of fusion food. There’s one truck I’ve enjoyed who has really excelled in that realm and they are Funky Monkey Munchies. They have prided themselves on Chino-Latino fusion foods but have also gone beyond that. They can do it all. In the past year, they have won Peachfest and Pumpkinfest where they were tasked with creating a creative dish infusing an ingredient featured at the festival. It just displayed the amount of artistic and inventive talents.



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There were many different items on the items on the menu that all sounded delicious but I ended up with their pork belly tacos, Vietnamese eggrolls and raspberry lavender lemonade. If I had the room, I would have also ordered the Chicano tots.

While the food truck rally was extremely busy, the service time at the truck was quick. That’s one big thing I should note about many of the trucks. At the start of food truck’s popularity, many trucks suffered from long wait times. But over the years, I really think they have streamlined their processes to make it a quick visit for all diners to the point it’s a very viable option for any lunch break.

Let’s start off with the tacos. I apologize for the poor picture as it really doesn’t give the full effect of the tacos. In the picture it looks like just a spring mix on a tortilla. But underneath the greens was a thick layer of marinated and grilled pork in a sweet miso sauce. The sweet miso sauce gave a good balance with the savory pork; just an amazing combination that worked so well. At two tacos, I was surprised how filling it was.

The Vietnamese eggrolls were some of the largest I’ve seen. Growing up on this appetizer, I was so used to the miniature-sized ones. These were about twice the size with twice the filling of pork, cabbage, carrots and glass noodles all while maintaining a thin crispy shell that wasn’t greasy at all. At three of them, it was really like eating six.

And I’m a big fan of all sorts of lemonade. I just love that tart acidic taste of it. The raspberry lavender lemonade was no different. It was the thirst-quenching drink I needed on the hot afternoon at the zoo.

Funky Monkey Munchies is easily one of my favorite food trucks around town. I love their creativity and not sticking to creating dishes by the standard.

Here’s the menu they had available that afternoon:

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