U-Hungry Truck Review

There’s a food truck that has been in Wichita for quite some time. They are U-Hungry Truck. I’ve had their food before at one of the little themed food festivals in town but never their regular menu.



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U-Hungry Truck had a lot going on. Their menu was all over the board….. literally. They had wings, gyros, catfish, BBQ, fried catfish and shrimp, tacos, sub sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, desserts, root beer floats, Italian sausage….. it was a lot to take in. It was definitely one of the more extensive menus you’d find on a food truck.

My mother went with the catfish while I went with the Philly taco and an Italian sausage.

The Italian sausage was a monstrosity. It felt fairly standard for an Italian sausage and while it was filling, there wasn’t much to it that left me overly impressed. Fortunately that’s where the Philly taco came in. The idea was to recreate a Philly sandwich and put everything in a taco. Some people have really high standards for a Philly when it comes to bread and the type of cheese but not me. I was more than satisfied with my taco. I felt it did a good job of resembling the flavor and could have easily had a second one.

As for the catfish, my mom enjoyed it. She’s a pretty picky eater so for her to like it was a big win for me. The breading and the seasoning surrounding the fish was a plus for her not being overly-fried or salty. She’s a light eater so both planks exceeded her appetite. She wasn’t too wild about the fries but the catfish was more than enough to satisfy her lunch cravings.

Aside from all that, the gentleman who I assume was the owner was very pleasant and outgoing. He had a great attitude to him that really came through in how he interacted with customers.

Since I love wings, I’m now going to have to go back for that.

Here’s their menu:

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