Wichita quietly loses a snack & fruit bar

While craving some sweets, I made my way up north only to find my destination was closed down for good.

Jungle Snack & Fruit Bar which was at 1052 N Waco next to Molino’s and a couple doors down from Juarez Bakery had their windows and doors covered up. There was a sign asking to take their mail elsewhere. All signs pointed towards a closing.

Considering the owner was the wife of Juarez Bakery, I walked over there and they confirmed the closing. Jungle Snack & Fruit Bar was a little Mexican food restaurant that also had pastries, drinks and assorted desserts.

Looks like I’ll have to head elsewhere for treats like this:

Jungle Snack & Fruit barJungle Snack & Fruit barJungle Snack & Fruit barJungle Snack & Fruit barJungle Snack & Fruit barHappy Dining,

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