Brown Box Bakery Review

Brown Box Bakery

While at the pop-up park, I wanted to pick up some desserts for co-workers. Cupcakes are good right? So with that I stopped by the Brown Box Bakery truck where all they serve are cupcakes!



Cash/Card Accepted

At Brown Box Bakery, cupcakes are $3 each but get cheaper the more you buy.

On the day, I went they had multiple different flavors available: Red velvet, New Yorker, cookie dough, peach cobbler cupcake , Reese’s, chocoholic, cookies and cream, strawberry margarita

I ordered four different ones and brought them all back to work. Of course, stupid me, forgot to take pictures of all of them but here’s what I was able to snap:

Guys the strawberry margarita was AMAZING! It was so soft, vibrant, light and fluffy. Seriously the epitome of how a cupcake should be. I’m not much for the rich dark flavors often found in cupcakes. There was also a decent icing to cake ratio. I’m not big on cupcakes where there’s more icing than cake. I want the star of the show to be the actual cupcake. They nailed it.

One of my colleague’s kids had the Reese’s cupcake and loved hers as well but then again what kind of kid doesn’t like cupcakes?

I’m no dessert fanatic and am easy to please and for me Brown Box Bakery hit the spot and did enough for me to warrant a return visit next time they are in my area.

Happy Dining,

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