Is Champ’s Chicken the champion of Wichita?

I like to pride myself on my willingness to go anywhere to eat food. There is no place or area of town beneath me. The latest spot brought me to a gas station. Considering my last review at a gas station turned out great, I was excited for this one.

Here’s Champ’s Chicken located at The Market which is connected to a Valero gas station near 21st and Grove.

2011 E 21st St
Wichita, KS 67214


Cash/Card Accepted

Champ’s Chicken is a national chain with locations at many gas stations and convenience stores around the country.

The moment I walked in, the ladies behind the counter were so incredibly nice. They treated me as if I was their own child. One lady in particular was very down to earth and just friendly. I took my time trying to decide what to order and it didn’t bother them at all. You don’t find that kind of friendliness often in fried chicken spots especially ones in gas station.

I ended up settling on a three piece chicken meal with two sides and then a fish filet.

Now for the bad. The sides were just OK. They looked as if they had been sitting out for a while and it kind of tasted that way. As for the chicken, it reminded me of a pour man’s Dillon’s chicken. The skin didn’t have too much flavor to it and the actual chicken wasn’t as tender or juicy as many other fast food places around town. Everything was just average to me.

Then things got worse with the fish filet. It was probably the thinnest piece of fish I’ve had in any sort of dining establishment. Just like the chicken, it was on the bland side.

While the service and people there were really nice, the food was the complete opposite for me. It was too bad because from the moment I interacted with the staff, I wanted to like the place so bad.

Here’s their menu:

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