Consuelo’s Street Grill: A re-invention to a plant-based local food truck

Consuelo's Street Grill

Last year a new food truck opened Consuelo’s Street Grill. They prided themselves on using only local produce from local farmers and vendors. I loved the concept but my first trip out there was less than stellar. Since then, they have reinvented themselves as a plant-based Vegan truck removing meat from their menu.



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I remember on my first visit, the menu sign was a mess with things everywhere. Along with a brand new trailer, the menu was clean and concise. Things were looking good.

I decided to go with their tacos and an elote cup. Both items didn’t take long to arrive. Unfortunately my picture of the elote was horrible but the food wasn’t. The elote looked so simple yet provided a ton of flavor thanks to the vegan mayo. A lot of elote in a cup options are so soggy but this wasn’t at all. I’m kicking myself for not getting a good picture because it was probably one of my favorite elote in a cup I’ve had around town.

Then there were the tacos. I went with a cactus taco and a hibiscus taco. On my first go around at Consuelo’s, the tacos were very oily, messy and the shells broke apart. All the issues we had originally were now non-existent. It was a very “clean eat” so to speak. The taco stayed in tact. For a plant based taco, I was very impressed with the flavor. I could have easily ordered a few more.

To start the summer off, Consuelo’s Street Grill made a big transformation and honestly it worked out. I walked away more impressed with the food. Everybody knows I’m not vegan but that doesn’t bother me. Good food is good food regardless of what it is and what its made from. I’d eat their food again in a heartbeat.

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