Espresso Self wins 1st Annual Blood Orchard Pumpkin Fest

The 1st Annual Blood Orchard Pumpkin Fest took place over the weekend. I was on judging duties for the event. The rain held off just in time for the food truck event that took place at reBorn Boutique and Marketplace.

The event had pumpkin inspired creations from Espresso Self, Funky Monkey Munchies, Brown Box Bakery, and the new Bread Sled Cafe. I served on a panel with three other judges and while the weather was a bit mucky, the food was ten times better.

Here was a look at everything we had:

There was a pumpkin inspired mac & cheese dish from Funky Monkey Munchies, an eggroll with a pumpkin sweet and sour sauce from Bread Sled Cafe, pumpkin cupcakes from Brown Box Bakery and a pumpkin Chai latte from Espresso Self.

We tried the items and really enjoyed everything. After discussion we made our final decision based on the best use of pumpkin and what really nailed the flavor of it in the best way. For me there was no doubt that the Chai latte was the winner. While the other dishes were good, I thought the drink from Espresso Self really took in the spirit of the competition the best. Two of the other three judges agreed and the mobile beverage truck took home the win.

It’s rare for a drink to win a food competition but I had to give them the nod based on how delicious it was. I’ve had a lot of pumpkin flavored drinks around Wichita in the past couple weeks and this was easily the best I’ve had.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you know my love of pumpkin flavored food. So this event was right up my alley and I definitely appreciated being a small part of it.

Happy Dining,

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