What to expect at Scooters Drive Thru Coffee


You’ve seen these buildings all over town: Scooters Drive Thru Coffee. I’ve passed by so many of them I decided, it was time to finally stop by and give one a try.

Seven locations throughout Wichita

Monday – Saturday: 6am – 7pm
Sunday: 7am – 7pm


Cash/Card Accepted

By no means do I consider myself a coffee drinker. Will I drink it? Yes but I’m not in the business of reviewing coffee shops. At the same time, people come here to learn about new places. I’m of the thought process if you’re a big fan of something, it’s best to try all the options out there. So if anything, use this as a resource to learn about another option for coffee.

Fortunately for me, they have other things besides coffee. During one visit, I ordered their iced pumpkin latte and on another visit I tried the strawberry banana smoothie.

I’m a sucker for all things pumpkin and this one did not fail me. It had just the right amount of pumpkin and was iced just the way I like it. Of course, I have little experience with iced coffee in the first place but this suited me well.

The strawberry banana smoothie was alright. It was runnier than most smoothies I’m accustomed too. This could have used a thicker texture and less of a watered down taste. Put it this way, I’ve had better.

I’m not much of a coffee drinker and rarely go out of my way to stop by coffee shops so I’m definitely not one to take advice from. But if you’re all about trying different places, check out Scooters for yourself.

Here’s their menu:

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