First Look at Sweetpops: A new ice cream, coffee, boba tea and dessert shop

There’s a new ice cream, coffee, boba tea and dessert shop that recently opened at Central and Rock by the name of Sweetpops. It sits in the former Wings of the Wind Kites & Toys at the north end of the strip that also holds Dempsey’s Pub East.

550 N Rock Road, Wichita, KS 67206

Open Daily: 10am – 9pm

Cash/Card Accepted

I have not been inside the building since it was Birds on the Roof Cafe which was a very short-lived breakfast spot. While it may look small from the outside, there’s plenty of seating inside, along with an upstairs area with more places to enjoy your treats.

Megan and I stopped by with my niece, Bella, who’s an avid fan of all things sweets, so this was right up her alley.

We ordered a black milk tea, coconut coffee, strawberry shave ice cream, and a mango pineapple smoothie. They just opened the Monday before and you could tell. It looked as though they were still trying to learn the POS system, as it took a little while in ordering. After we ordered and paid, they had to ask us again what we ordered and getting our drinks took much longer than expected. That’s probably the biggest thing they’ll have to work on moving forward is speed.

My niece went with the shave ice, and it’s not like what most people associate with it. Theirs is Taiwanese shaved ice, which has a creamier texture and not the ice particles popularized by the shaved ice trucks. It’s smooth and has boba and fruit mixed in with it. In other words, it’s just really delicious, and my niece loved it.

I had the mango pineapple smoothie and it too was great. It didn’t have too thick of a texture like some smoothies do, nor was it overly sweet. My biggest regret was not ordering the larger size. Megan, on the other hand, wasn’t too high on her milk tea. She said it was missing something and preferred some other options around town. Then there was my dad who had the coconut coffee. He’s probably the easiest to please and had no problems with it.

Hopefully, over time, they get the kinks out and improve on the service times. That’ll play a big role in their success.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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