Fish and chips food truck, On the Hook, arrives in Wichita for Friday only

On the Hook

If you’re reading this on Friday, you don’t have much time.

A food truck based out of Wyoming called On the Hook Fish and Chips is currently in Wichita for Friday only. They are currently parked in front of AutoZone at 529 N Tyler Road. They are serving just two things on their menu: fish and fries. And it all takes place just until 7pm.

An order of fish and chips cost $12 and yes, they take card. The fish is fried wild Alaskan cod from (you guessed it) Alaska and flash frozen. On the Hook Fish and Chips has eight trucks that travel around the country and serve up this simple meal. What a life especially if you’re still young, right? Drive around the country and just serve food.

Three guys from Lincoln, Nebraska arrived in town and will be here until they head up to Manhattan. They said they should have enough fish for everybody in Wichita today.

I stopped by and there was a good line forming before they opened.

Everybody ordered the same thing. I love a simple menu. The meals came with three pieces of fish and a bed of fries underneath. Packets of sriracha mayo, tartar sauce and ketchup also came along with it. Most people aren’t going here for the fries. For what it’s worth, they were slightly crispy but started to get a little soggy sitting underneath all the fish. There was a light coat of seasoning added and they didn’t taste fishy at all unlike Long John Silvers.

As for the fish, my expectations were extremely low but in the hand I was quite surprised how good they were. The cod wasn’t all that greasy and the breading was very light which I preferred. The cod had a mild and very savory flavor to it; not fishy at all. What was nice about it was that it the texture was firm and broke off in chunkier flakes. Some times fish can be very flaky that wasn’t the case at all here.

Let’s face it, many people probably don’t have high expectations for fried seafood from a food truck. On the Hook Fish and Chips, I feel did a great job and I would certainly be back if they decided to come to Wichita again. I was literally just in Seattle over the weekend and got to try some fish and chips there; there wasn’t much of a noticeable difference. From a marketing standpoint, it’s brilliant. People love what they can’t have often. So if you can deliver a good product, that makes it even better.

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