A new truck dedicated to gorditas has arrived

Introducing Gorditas Y Tortas. They are a brand new food truck that has just recently opened. At the moment not much information is out there yet.

The truck has been parking at 2437 N Broadway. From what I’ve gathered, they’ve been opening around 10:30am but wasn’t told when they stopped serving. They don’t have a Facebook page yet or signage but are currently working on that.

I decided to go ahead and stop by to see what they had. The menu was on a piece of posterboard. Gorditas were $1.50 and they had burritos for $2. They said tortas would be added to the menu over the weekend. They also had a 20 gorditas for $25 special taking place.

I ordered five gorditas with corn and flour options along with a couple burritos with a mix of all the different meat options they had.

It didn’t take long for everything to arrive. They had some really hot salsa available to that was burning my tongue.

But the gorditas themselves? Absolutely fantastic. They had a nice crisp texture to them and were stuffed with plenty of protein. I really loved every single meat option I tried. My favorites were the chicharron and chicharron premsado which was essentially a pork grind with some sort of spicy sauce that was so flavorful; really everything was delicious right down to the burritos. I handed a couple out at work and was met with the same joyful glee that I had.

Once they get everything running and going, I’ll be back with a full review. Why? Because I just really enjoyed it and need an excuse to go back for seconds.

Happy Dining,

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