The weird, gross and crazy untold stories of food blogging

Having gone to hundreds and hundreds of restaurants, I’ve seen a lot go down. Sometimes people ask me if I’ve ever had some weird or bad things happen. Well the answer is yes. I’ve definitely seen my fair share of “WTF” moments.

I’ve decided to share some of those crazy moments while redacting the names of the restaurants. People think crazy stuff only happens to them. That’s not the case. Here are a few of the fun past stories I like to share with friends.


This happens more than I care to admit. I get accidents happen and sometimes hair can land in someones food while a customer is walking by but this story was a different level of customer service.

My friends and I were at an Asian restaurant. I was eating my steamed rice and I notice something kind of sticking out that appears to be grey hair. I’m halfway eating my rice and probably ate a lot of rice that was touching the hair. Around that time, our server stops by our table and I ask her, “Does that look like hair to you?”

She stops, looks down at my plate, reaches at my plate, pulls the grey hair out, confirms its hair and then throws it down on the ground behind her as she’s walking away. It was as if she’s been thru the situation multiple times.

It was the first time that I’ve had someone reach into my food. I found it kind of funny.


I’ve seen cockroaches, mice, you name it at my fair share of restaurant visits. But this one was a “What would you?” type of situation.

My girlfriend and I are sitting at a Mexican restaurant. She’s sitting across from me. We are just eating away and I notice something moving. It was a cockroach.

The cockroach was slowly climbing up the side of her chair towards her shoulders. I didn’t know what to do or if I should have said something to her. So I stood up immediately and said, “Let’s go, I’ll go get the check and pay.”

What would you have done? Would you have told your significant other a cockroach was about to hop on to her shoulder? I didn’t know if it was going to cause a sudden surprised yell or what so I decided to just get up and leave.


There are some dirty bathrooms out there but have you ever used a bathroom as your dinner table?

One day I walked into a bathroom and see a carryout food container literally sitting on the ground in a stall. Some guy was either pooping and eating or simply sitting on the toilet and eating. All I could see were a pair of shoes and a food container on touching the ground and the sound of someone eating.

I walked out of the bathroom quickly.


This happened at an Asian restaurant. My server brought me a bowl of pho. Then proceeds to go back to the counter not too far from me.

I’m eating and hearing this constant clicking sound. I look up and he’s just clipping his fingernails. Who knows how far those nail clippings were flying. I appreciate that he was trying to keep his nails short and clean but dang….. could you do it somewhere else?

Happy or I guess not so happy Dining,

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