Wichita Marriott Sunday Brunch Buffet Review

It’s been a while since I last visited a Sunday Brunch Buffet. Many new ones have started up in town and others have made changes so I figured why not slowly knock out more of these brunch buffet reviews as time allows?

The first up in the cycle is Wichita Marriott which hosts a brunch buffet every Sunday from 11am to 2pm.

9100 E Corporate Hills Dr
Wichita, KS 67207

Sunday Brunch from 11am – 2pm

Cash/Card accepted

The buffet runs $17.95 a person, kids 12 and under are $12.95 and seniors are $15.10. For those inquiring minds, yes they do serve alcohol so that’s an option.

As we were being seated, one of the kids said, “This is a very fancy place.” Fear not. While the place was very clean and spotless, it’s casual.

We were greeted immediately and drinks were brought to our table soon after. While that was all going down, we took trips to the buffet line. Here’s a full look at what they had to offer.

After many visits to the buffet line, what did we think?

To be honest, it’s very no frills. The food was pretty good for what it was. Nothing there was really going to blow you away but at the same time, it wasn’t horrible by any means. Most diners will leave satisfied as there was a wide enough selection to keep you happy. The selection may not be as vast as some other east side competitors but it had more than enough to get by. One big shortcoming they did have was in the seafood offering; I think there was one dish that had fish. Besides that, nearly all of your breakfast staples were available.

One area I’ll certainly give them credit for is service. Too many times, I’ve gone to Sunday brunch buffets and diners are almost an after thought. While we are capable of getting our own food, drink refills can be a little on the slow side. The Wichita Marriott staff did a fantastic job of catering to all customers and making sure people were taken care of; top quality service there.

Happy Dining,

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