Haysville Fish Co. Review

Many of you may have heard of Wichita Fish Co. But what some people may not know is they also have a sister store out south appropriately named Haysville Fish Co.

The small seafood restaurant serves essentially the same menu as their Wichita location but we wanted to stop by to check it out and see what it was all about.

7301 S Broadway
Haysville, KS 67060

Tuesday – Thursday: 11am – 8pm
Friday: 11am – 9pm
Saturday: 4pm – 9pm
Closed on Sunday & Monday


Cash/Card accepted

One of the first things we noticed was the ventilation was a little rough. With lots of frying going on, you knew immediately the smell was going to stick to your clothes. Aside from that the interior was reminiscent of the Wichita location. It wasn’t anything fancy inside which was totally OK. I was simply there for the food.

We started off with fried oysters and a crab cake both of which I loved especially the fried oysters. The breading was thick but you were still able to get a taste of the oyster in there. As far as crab cakes go, theirs was a little above average. The texture wasn’t too dry. It could have used a little more crab meat but otherwise a decent effort.

For our main entrees, we ordered the catfish dinner and the Cajun ahi tuna. As far as portion sizes you, Haysville Fish Co. made sure nobody left hungry. Megan thought the catfish was decent. The breading didn’t have as much seasoning as you’d find at other places and was better with tartar sauce. Like the crab cake earlier, it was decent but nothing memorable.

I have had plenty of great meals at Wichita Fish Co but this was my first time ordering the tuna and I have to admit, I was quite let down. The fish was tough, dry and didn’t exactly resemble what I had in mind for a “Cajun” type meal. On a positive note, the size of the tuna was really big and I loved the bed or rice and vegetables it came on. Unfortunately the main star of my dish was underwhelming. I would have preferred it to be cooked a little more rare to make it tender and then more of a semblance of seasoning to give it some flavor. It was just lacking in many departments for me.

Anybody who’s been to Wichita Fish Co knows that food service can be a little on the slower side so that didn’t bother me at all. I knew what to expect going in. The service there was friendly; almost like your diner type appeal.

Unfortunately a majority of our meals just didn’t stack up. Now it’s been a while since my last visit to Wichita Fish Co. so I hope my next outing there is much better.

Here’s the menu:

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