Let’s Review Logan’s Roadhouse


Let’s review Logan’s Roadhouse.

For our latest national chain, we stopped by restaurant based out of Nashville, TN with over 200 locations in the United States.

If you’ve never been before, they serve mesquite-grilled steaks, traditional American fare, homemade yeast rolls, and unlimited buckets of in-shell peanuts.

My family and I swung by during dinner time when there was a decent-sized crowd. We started off our evening with the rolls and peanuts. Both were fantastic complimentary items that we nearly filled up on. The rolls came out nice and warm and loved by all.

We didn’t order any appetizers due to the free rolls but a couple of us had salads. As far as salads go, these were pretty standard yet satisfying. The one positive was the big portion size otherwise they weren’t too bad or memorable either.

For our main entrees, the party of 10+ went with a huge variety of items which I didn’t get shots of everything. Many of us had prime ribs while a couple steaks were also ordered along with their Nashville hot chicken sandwich.

One of the prime ribs came out extremely dry. The server was quick to notice it and replace the prime rib not long after. The service was really good throughout the night. Whether it was the food not being up to standards so to speak or drinks needing refilled, they did an incredible job especially given the size of our party.

Aside from that, our meals were average at best. Nobody was really crazy about their sides as that was a major footnote for all. But four prime ribs were ordered at the table and not one of us was wowed by it. They weren’t as tender as many of the prime ribs around town. When we think prime rib, we are looking for something juicy and flavorful with some fat and Logan’s Roadhouse missed the target on that.

Not many people will be going to Logan’s Roadhouse looking for 5-star steaks and we weren’t either but their offerings seemed to be a notch below Outback Steakhouse. Lastly the Nashville hot chicken sandwich was sad looking and didn’t deliver after the first bite either. Like the prime rib, the chicken wasn’t a good juicy or tender piece.

For your national steakhouses and from a quality aspect, Logan’s Roadhouse wasn’t on par with our past visits to places like Outback or Longhorn. Service though was top notch and a big selling point.

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