Spangles margaritas and screwdrivers for $0.99 are you outta your mind?

Starting today, Spangles will be introducing 99-cent margaritas with tequila and Screwdriver slushes with vodka to their 21st & Woodlawn location. It is only available for dine-in for obvious reasons.

Soon after they plan to roll it out to additional locations.

Their orange juice slush is pretty popular so adding vodka seems like a no-brainer. It remains to be seen if this alcoholic drink will be available in the mornings yet.

I haven’t gone out to try them yet but I definitely plan to soon. If you give it a try, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’m interested to see what people think.

Are you going to get a Spangles margaritas soon?

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3 thoughts on “Spangles margaritas and screwdrivers for $0.99 are you outta your mind?”

  1. What kind of example does this send. I am sure that all of your employees are not 21yrs. Of age so you are sending a bad message. So very sad that you are taking this direction of irresponsibility .

  2. This seems like an awful idea. Is this a family and children’s restaurant or an adult establishment. Sounds like neither. We want local business to succeed but this makes competitors more likely to get our families business. Doug

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