Tlaxcaltena Candy: Delicious Mexican food hidden inside a southwest flea market

As a kid, I would be forced to go to flea markets with my mom and aunt. It’s funny how some of the memories that bothered you as a kid end up being the ones you miss most. I was out by Pawnee & Seneca and noticed the Westway MarketPlace was open.  It’s a big flea market open only on the weekends so I decided to walk in and browse.

To my surprise, I came across food vendors and one of those was Tlaxcaltena Candy who is the subject of today’s review.

2445 S Seneca
Wichita, Kansas 67217

Friday – Sunday: 10am – 6pm
Closed Monday – Thursday


Cash/Card Accepted

Tlaxcaltena Candy sells Mexican candies and other fare like tacos, tostadas, seafood and more. My goal was to start with actual meals and then move on to candies.

My meal started off with a small cup of elote. It was simple and wasn’t too heavy on the mayonnaise. Most elote in a cup isn’t going to wow you but it’ll satisfy you.

Next up were some pork tamales. They were a decent size and ran $1.50 a piece. The center of each tamale had plenty of pork inside it which started to really fill me up. I don’t make tamales and am no expert but some of the ends of the tamale were burnt which made the masa hard to cut into. Otherwise everything was pretty good in regards to flavor. There was a small hint of red sauce to give it a little bite but the green salsa provided certainly helped.

What I really enjoyed was a dish they didn’t even have a name for. I saw it on their banner display and asked what it was and the cashier said we don’t have a name for it, we just make it. They were big avocados filled with ceviche. At $12, it was a little on the pricey side but man was it delicious. I don’t know exactly how fresh the ceviche was but it had a nice burst of acidity that was toned down by the avocado. I’d eat it again.

It was like a deviled egg but an avocado and ceviche at least by looks. I was starting to get full earlier but these two big avocados put me under. I couldn’t make room for anymore food.

It was a fun little adventure inside Westway Marketplace only made better coming across new eats in town I’ve never been to. A friendly little family operated it and the service was friendly and quick. I give Tlaxcaltena Candy a thumbs up.

Here’s the menu:

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