Favorite New Dining Options of 2019

It was a busy 2019 and by my count there were over 75 new options for dining options in the Wichita area.

I looked at reviews over the past year and made it a goal to choose my ten favorites of 2019. While narrowing it down was tough, here’s what I could come up with.

The Hot Pl8 – Food Truck
There’s limited Filipino food in Wichita, and I was so happy to have the Hot Pl8 make its arrival to Wichita. They are very likely my favorite new food truck of the year.

Keeper of the Crêpes – 730 W Douglas Ave
I love original restaurant ideas and the Keeper of the Crêpes brought something unique. It’s the first restaurant of its kind that specializes in crêpes. It helped that they were delicious too.

The Rusty Nail – 1155 S. Washington
I love a good little cozy bar. I love them even more if they have great service with good food to match.

The Bread Sled Café – Food Truck
If you can find this truck when they have their pho-ritto. Do yourself a favor and get one immediately.

San Salvador Café – 5518 W Central Ave
Wichita can never have enough pupusas. Their 4 for $5 special on Tuesdays is one of the best deals in town.

Taco Locale – 2721 E Central Ave
Fresh locally sourced tacos. If you are a taco fan and love trying different styles, this is one to definitely add to your list.

Crafted – 9730 E 21st St N
It’s quite possible that I could eat a bowl of poke every single day of the week.

Yokohama Ramen Izakaya – 6434 E Central Ave
The sequel to Yokohama Ramen Joint definitely delivered with the expanded menu and full bar.

Mo's Hut

Mo’s Hut – 2800 E Central Ave
Hawaiian food has seen a good uptick in popularity in Wichita. These are definitely one of the players in the game worth mentioning.

Chebaro Mediterranean Grill – 12728 E Central Ave
Do you love a good hidden gem? You can’t get more hidden than inside a gas station. These guys are located inside the Jump Start gas station at Central and 127th St.

It’s hard coming up with just a list of ten but these were some of the ones that stuck out for me. Of course there are others that have gained lots of popularity like Aria Bakery, Hot Potato Bar, Bongo Fruit Smoothies, Just Like Mama’s Kitchen, Pho Cao, and Wichita Cheesecake Company.

What this says is 2019 really brought a lot of new deliciousness to Wichita.

Happy Dining,

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