Gotta Stop BBQ: A Thursday gas station special

I love finding new food options in the least likely of places. The latest was a suggestion from the Wichita By E.B. Facebook page. I’ve been on the look out for garlic salads and someone mentioned a gas station that serves BBQ just on Thursday.

What the what?!?!? BBQ at a gas station? I’m always up for adventures, so I invited a few friends and we headed out to Gotta Stop gas station for their Gotta Stop BBQ.

5600 W MacArthur Rd
Wichita, KS 67215

Available on Thursday starting at 10am – 8pm


Cash/Card Accepted

When we arrived at the gas station, we stepped inside and could immediately smell the BBQ in the air.

There were two employees behind the counter where the pizza usually was taking orders and serving out the BBQ.

They must have a lot of repeat customers because the staff knew so many people that came in.

Since everything was prepared in advanced, food pick up was quick. We ordered essentially everything they had available that day. We had the brisket and pulled pork sandwiches along with the regular and cheesy brats.

Starting off with the brats, they were delicious. While a little on the dry side, they had a good snap to them as one friend put it. There was little to not filler so that was good. And each of the brats had a bit of heat to them which was also another plus. Overall a win there.

As for the sandwiches. One friend felt the pork was dry and could have used a little sauce. They weren’t too heavy on the smoke and could have used a little reheating. The bun was the superb which was a saving grace for the experience. Average at best was probably the best way he described the pork. Regarding the brisket, another friend thought it was smokey and juicy without being overly fatty. The brisket was deemed as much better than the pork.

We were in agreement the sides were really nothing to rave about. The potato salad was….. well a potato salad so there wasn’t much else to say about that. And the garlic salad was more coleslaw like than what the old Doc’s Steakhouse version was. It was a little light on the garlic. You won’t be coming here specifically for the sides.

Since the service was quick and friendly, it made for a speedy lunch.

None of the actual BBQ was bad but it wasn’t comparable to some of the better options in town. Above average was the best we could put it with the brats being the standout winner. We were satisfied with our meals and enjoyed the little adventure to the gas station that we never knew about. That was probably the best part of the experience; finding and trying something new.

I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to try it again though. Since BBQ is such a subjective food, this is one of those ‘you should probably try it for yourself’ type of places.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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6 thoughts on “Gotta Stop BBQ: A Thursday gas station special”

  1. I’ve been to Gotta stop hundreds of times, never actually had the BBQ. I do have a few questions 1)What does this mean? “There were two employees behind the counter where the pizza usually was taking orders and serving out the BBQ.” 2) Was there not BBQ sauce to add to the dry pork?

    1. They usually have pizzas there during the week. And we didn’t see any BBQ sauce options available when we stopped by.

      1. I work there in the afternoons. There are two different bbq sauces available as well as packaged condiments. They are located near where we serve hunks of Hunts Brothers pizza during the rest of the week, which is in the same area by the fountain drink bar. There are also pickles, onions, and jalapenos next to the sauce.
        The lunch hour can get pretty busy sometimes, but more often than not this information is given to customers who aren’t recognized as regulars. It’s true, we do not add sauce or other toppings – we leave that up to the individuals who may prefer their meal without them.
        I loved the article, though. Most of what you said I agree with. I hope you get another opportunity to retry the garlic coleslaw. It really is great when it is prepared with the correct amount of sauce.

  2. I used to live in the Hoover/MacArthur area and we were regulars for the BBQ Thursdays. Our fav was the turkey, and to this day, I’ve never had a better garlic slaw! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  3. For wonderful garlic salad try B&C Barbeque. It’s as good, if not better than what Doc’s Steakhouse used to sell. I also happen to think the barbeque is the best in town. Try the lunch buffet – all you can eat ribs, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, hot links, garlic salad, salad bar, potato salad, baked beans – mild and well as spicy, bread. There’s also a bar with alcoholic beverages available. Soft drinks are included with the buffet. The reason I think B&C is the best barbeque in town is that the meat is always moist and not dried out as it is in some BBQ restaurants.

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