On the Hook Fish & Chips headed to Derby

Did you miss out the first time On the Hook Fish and Chips came to Wichita? Were you one of the unlucky diners who waited in line the second time only to see the truck get shut down because of a propane tank violation? Well hopefully, third times the charm.

Your chance to try the food truck business based out of Wyoming is coming again tomorrow. They announced on Facebook that they are returning Thursday, December 12 to the Atwoods Ranch and Home store at 333 Red Powell Drive in Derby, KS from 11 to 7pm.

We checked them out on their first time into town and you can check out the review here.

They have a very simple menu that consists of just fish and chips.

Plan your visit if you decide to go. The lines were long all day so just be ready for that.

And once you place your order, everything runs quick and smoothly with the truck.

Happy Dining,

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