My love affair with Taco Pronto

Taco Pronto

Back before my friends started to scatter throughout Wichita and before this blog, I rarely ever made my way out west. But when I did, I made sure to stop by Taco Pronto before heading back east. It was always a treat for me since a top my list of fast food tacos. Fast-forward to now and it’s still a treat and joy for me on every visit.

7333 W Central Ave & 8835 W 21st St.

Open 7 Days a Week: 10:30am – 10pm


Cash/Card Accepted

There are different styles of tacos and Taco Pronto isn’t what I typically order when I’m craving tacos. But when fast food tacos are on my radar, these are my go to. Everybody in my family has their favorites like Taco Rio, Taco Shop and some of the kids just love Taco Bell. Some of those options are great for what they are but if I had to choose, Taco Pronto it is.

They have two locations both on the west side of town. One of my favorite parts about Taco Pronto is their hot sauce. Along with being very flavorful, it packs a lot of heat that grows on you as your lunch progresses. I’m a condiment guy and sometimes end up eating hot sauce with a side of taco. Judge away.

My order always consist of the hot sauce. Others usually get the mild as the alternative can be too hot for them at times.

Usually, when I go, it’s a few hard shell tacos, a taco burger and an enchilada. Sometimes they pack the meat; sometimes they don’t but I still enjoy it every time. The enchiladas come with a mixture of beans and rice that REALLY fill you up.

Many people may say that most fast food tacos all taste the same but I think there’s a difference between places like Taco Pronto, Taco Shop, Taco Rio versus a bigger national chain like Taco John’s or Taco Bell.

I get that this sort of food isn’t for everybody. But for me, it’s a big guilty pleasure and something I’ve raved about for so many years. It serves its purpose and I leave with a smile which ultimately should be the goal of every restaurant.

Plus check out their daily specials they always have going on.

Here’s the menu:

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2 thoughts on “My love affair with Taco Pronto”

  1. Consistent flavor is the biggest reason I eat at locally home owned taco joints. I eat at Taco Pronto for that reason and it is close by. Their food is not over seasoned nor bland and I like their pork tacos and burritos. Many others do not serve the pork or other meats at these type restaraunts.

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