If you love generous food portions, you’ll love Mars Mart

I have driven by a convenience store by the name of Mars Mart for quite some time now. Each time I pass by I noticed signs advertising fried chicken and food. Recently a reader sent me a message talking about her good experience there. So I reached out to some friends and set up a lunch outing.

1802 E 13th St N
Wichita, KS 67214

Kitchen Open Daily: 12:30pm – 8pm

Cash/Card Accepted

Located near 13th & Grove, it’s not a place I expected to find a little restaurant tucked away inside a convenience store. Once I arrived, I headed straight to the back of the store where a gentleman was frying everything up. He even had a little spit in the back making gyro’s.

My friends and I stuck mostly with their wings, chicken, fried shrimp and fish at the recommendation of one of the employees.

Take a look at these pictures, the photos do not do it justice. The serving sizes were easily some of the largest I’ve seen, especially for the price.

Most meals were either $5 or $6 except for one. A friend thought it’d be wise to order 4 wings and 10 shrimp for $16; he didn’t even come close to finishing it. Each meal also came with a drink which you could just grab yourself from the convenience store; the drink options were endless.

Each order came with fries or okra. And they didn’t hold back on the amount of sides loaded in the container. For many of us, our fried tilapia, wings or sandwiches were hidden under a mountain of fried goodness. We weren’t sure what type of seasoning they used but the majority of us really enjoyed it on the fries. Even though not a single one of us finished our meals, we were still very happy with it.

I had the tilapia with fries. It came with two filets; one which was skinny and the other thick and juicy. I had no idea of the serving sizes, so I also ordered three drumsticks which were insanely big. While there was a lot of breading, there was also a ton of meat. I somehow managed to finish my tilapia but needed assistance on the wings. It’s one of those wings where you really needed some hot sauce or something to spice it up.

The fried shrimp were also insanely big; I wish I snapped a picture of them but failed to.

If you go they have maybe 4 chairs sitting around but no tables. Most of us ate standing up or placing our meals on containers or makeshift tables. Aside from that, we were quite impressed with our food and even more impressed with the value. You’re getting big time bang for the buck at Mars Mart. On top of that, the two gentlemen working the convenience store were super polite. We’d all definitely go again.

I have to for sure to see how the gyro stacks up against the competition.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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