Pho Special Revisited

During a nice winter day, pho is often brought up as a suggestion for dinner. It’s a great food option for couples who want to avoid the “Where to eat” argument. So with that our latest stop took us back to Pho Special.

2409 E Pawnee St
Wichita, Kansas 67211

Tuesday – Sunday: 9am – 8pm
Closed on Monday


Cash/Card Accepted

To start our meal, we began with their deep-fried chicken wings with a special house sauce. While the wings were piping hot and offered plenty of meat, I wasn’t sure where the special house sauce came into play. Was it supposed to be on the side? Was it in the breading because there wasn’t anything noticeably different. They tasted like unseasoned wings which weren’t bad but also didn’t have much going on.

For our main entrées, we ordered a bowl of pho and bun. The pho was better than average. I enjoyed its warm heartiness along with its rather flavorful broth. The meat portion was decent; I’ve had more at other places but it wasn’t enough to deter me from never coming back. Overall it was a good but not so memorable bowl.

The bun was supposed to be a combination bowl with grilled shrimp, pork and eggrolls. It came with just two small pieces of shrimp; one on top and one hidden in the bowl. We would have thought there would be more than two dinky pieces considering the menu had at least three in the picture. Going back to the portion size discussion, we’ve seen better at plenty of other Vietnamese restaurants in town. When it comes to bun, Saigon might be our favorite and this didn’t come close.

As for the service, our server was nearly non-existent after we received our food. There were times she would be chatting it up with other servers or focusing her attention on another table which seemed to be her friends. It was almost an awkward situation just placing our orders as if she was too busy to deal with us.

I’m not sure if this visit was just a bad one-off experience or if it’s been downhill because my last stop there was much better.

Here’s their menu:

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