Poblano Mexican Grill Review

The next stop brought us to Poblano Mexican Grill. They have two locations in Wichita and would probably be best compared as a competitor to places like Qdoba and Chipotle. We stopped in to check out their bowls and see how they compared to the rest.

3415 E Harry St
Wichita, KS 67218

343 Greenwich Rd
Wichita, KS 67207


Cash/Card Accepted

For the purposes of this review, we stopped by the Greenwich location. We ordered two different burrito bowls which were roughly $8. For price comparison, that was about on par with many of the other places.

The biggest thing we noticed was the quality just felt off. It didn’t taste “fresh” so to speak. Even the guacamole which didn’t look appetizing was mushy and lacked the vibrant blast of flavor one would expect. While our bowls were nice big portions, it was just missing something. The chicken was slightly dry and the barbacoa was a little on the bland side. My friend quit eating her bowl halfway through and just called it quits. I finished mine but wasn’t all too excited about it.

Not much was to be said of the service. We went through the lines, picked what we wanted in our bowls and that was it. The drinks were self-service and we bussed our own tables. After we paid for our food, we didn’t have any interaction with the staff again.

Otherwise, it was a fairly unmemorable visit that didn’t leave a lasting impression on us.

Here’s the menu:

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