Tight Ends Sports Bar & Grill Review

It’s time to review the new sports bar & grill that has brought quite the stir to Wichita. Tight Ends Sports Bar & Grill is the new restaurant and bar that opened back in September. They are probably best known for their theme of waitresses wearing outfits that are more revealing than what you’d find at other places. It’s a similar concept like Twin Peaks which has two locations in Wichita.

524 S. Seneca St.
Wichita, Kansas 67213

Sunday – Thursday: 11am – 11pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 1am


Cash/Card accepted

Many people have already formed their opinions about the place. I’m pretty laid back and had to give it an open shot. I was joined by a couple of married friends to get more feedback and get different perspectives than just my own.

Inside the bar is very spacious with plenty of televisions. To nobody’s surprise, male customers definitely outnumbered females.

We started off with two different appetizers: the beer cheese pretzels and fried deviled eggs. Both items arrived to our table quickly. No major opinions on the pretzels; they were pretty simple. The fried deviled eggs, on the other hand, were missing something. With deviled eggs you get that really vibrant, tangy bite but the fried versions really toned it down…almost too much. The jalapeños helped but it was in dire need of something more to give it some pop.

For lunch, we went with their burger, the Original which was a fried pastrami sandwich with fried egg and corned beef and their BCS sandwich which was a chicken breast tossed in Buffalo sauce in a toasted bun.

Like our appetizers, the service was quick especially over lunch so that was a big positive. Another big win were the sidewinder fries. I haven’t had them before. They were seasoned well and loved the thick curled up texture. There wasn’t a single fry left uneaten by the end of lunch.

Unfortunately most of the dishes fell flat for us from there. The burger was extremely underwhelming. The patty itself was one of the thinnest we’ve seen in a bar and super dry. I had half of the burger and didn’t even bother finishing it. The chicken sandwich was tough to eat as a sandwich. A huge chunk of the chicken breast was sticking out and just didn’t make sense for it to be a sandwich. Otherwise, my friend said she wasn’t too impressed with it either. The best of the three items we had, possibly by default, was the pastrami and corned beef sandwich. Everything meshed well in the sandwich, the bread held up well and there was a good amount of meat in it. The fried egg was definitely a big plus.

I’ve seen many comments floating around talking about bad service and waitresses being a little intrusive. That wasn’t the case for us. Our service was great throughout the day; they were constantly checking up on us without being intrusive or overbearing. The husband/wife combo with me had no problems with the service but ultimately the food was a big letdown for them.

For what we spent that afternoon for lunch, I can’t say it was worth it. My expectations are never really high on “bar food” but it could have been better.

Here’s their menu:

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  1. I’m open too, and went alone and sat at the bar. I usually enjoy these environments, as they’re high energy. This didn’t disappoint and the bartenders and waitresses were all awesome and profressional. Fast service was wonderful, and I was in no hurry. I wasn’t impressed with the drink menu, and the alcohol content wasn’t great. The food however, was terrible. I tried multiple items, as I was there to watch a football game. Three hours of eating and couldn’t find anything with flavor. Friend cheese app was terrible and I love fried cheese. No seasoning in the batter. Same with the chicken tenders. Pretzel were as expected, but the cheese sauce was nasty. Cheap nacho sauce from an aluminum can with no seasoning. The burger was also dry, and I wasn’t impressed with my fries. Maybe the lack of seasoning as you described, cause I didn’t get any of that! I ordered a brownie and ice cream and only took one bite. Something about it was just… blah. I’ve never had a brownie I didn’t like. This tasted like a little Debbie individually packed brownie heated up. If they re-did their menu, I would be a regular. I love going out to watch football games!

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