Asia Bazaar Grocery & Cafe holds a deli that’s worth a visit

There’s a grocery store tucked away at the northwest corner of 21st & Woodlawn called Asia Bazaar Grocery & Cafe. They sell groceries primarily focused on Indian and Mediterranean food. On the weekends, they open up their deli section and serve up a small little spread that customers can dine at.

6100 E 21st St N Ste 300
Wichita, Kansas 67208

Deli open Friday – Sunday: 11 to 7pm


Cash/Card accepted

When you arrive to the deli, you grab a to go container and fill it up with as much food as you want. It’s $5.99 a pound for everything except the kababs which are $1.69 each. As I mentioned, it’s a small selection consisting of only six options. Here’s what you can get.

The plate below came in at one pound. I also purchased a chicken kabab on the side so lunch was $8 and change.

For what I spent, I left very happy. Their chicken tandoori was amazing! The roasted chicken had a spicy marinade that was so flavorful. I could have just had that for lunch and been happy. It provided a nice subtle kick that tickled your taste buds and kept you coming back for more. That was easily the highlight of my meal followed by the chicken tikka masala and came in a mild curry sauce. A third favorite was something I forgot the name of. I thought they said it was a “chicken montreal” at least that’s what I heard. If someone has the name of it, I’d love to learn what it was. It was like a boneless chicken wing.

The only downside to the meal was the chicken kabab which was very dry and a little tough. Aside from that, it was a fantastic meal.

With Passage To India and Deshi Curry at the same intersection, this place may be overlooked. But if you love trying new places, this is definitely worth your time.

Happy Dining,

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